Article – Benchmarking, An Infantile Disorder?

We hope to provide you with lots of resources here at Making Performance Meaningful, the G&W Consulting Blog, to help you in improving your management of services and service contracts.  Our first White Paper has been written by Geoff Edmundson, a G&W Director. Its presents a   provocative view of benchmarking particularly as it relates to the Facilities Management industry.  You will find a link to the White Paper at our White Papers and Other Resources page and we would very much welcome your views and comments. Here is what Geoff has to say about it in summary.

“Benchmarking has become associated with an ‘everything-can-be-measured and costed’ approach that can deliver a quick-fix from providing competition advantage to breakthroughs-in-thinking, changing culture, etc and represents a view that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Benchmarking is becoming what statistically can be called ‘data sampling’ and ‘inference’, where data is purchased second and third-hand or is captured by proprietary software and then warehoused for some future use? What reliability can be ascribed to data, when it is analysed in the abstract without knowledge or understanding of the organisation and processes that have generated it or where little credence is given to its shelf-life?”



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